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Addressing the root cause of your health condition so you can break-free from confusion around food and get back to living your best life.

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Our Services

Personal Nutrition Counseling Using Insurance or Self-Pay

Group Classes & Cooking Classes

Courses Taught by Us

Who We Support

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We offer support to those with many different nutrition needs including:

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Most of our patients have UNLIMITED visits with no co-pay.
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Our CoreValues


Simple & effective evidence-based strategies. Because nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated!


Flexible strategies that fit your unique lifestyle.


No extreme diets but rather an approach that will work long-term!

Parikh Nutrition Philosophy

Let’s be honest, nutrition can be confusing. Everyone – your neighbor Karen, Aunt Josey, your favorite TikTok influencer, and your doctor- has advice about what Is “healthy” and what to eat for your health conditions, but the advice is often conflicting.

The truth is, all the advice is not always wrong. It just may not be right for your unique needs. Nutrition is not a one-size-fits-all approach.

At Parikh Nutrition we help you cut through the noice and confusion. We work with you to design a plan that is brilliantly designed for you.

We aim to make nutrition simple, practical and sustainable.

Whether you’re struggling to lose those stubborn last 20 pounds, looking for the best dietary approaches for your new diagnosis of diabetes or just want to feel confident making food choices- we are HERE to help!

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