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Ready to elevate your health with the power of nutrition?

Elevate is about unleashing your own power and the power of your plate. Elevate will make nutrition simple! You get the information to lower your A1c and fix your metabolic health. But you also get the tools like meal swaps and cooking videos to apply the information in a sustainable way. And we will have fun!

Balancing your blood sugar & lowering your A1c without giving up your favorite foods IS possible.

I’ve helped 1000s of people over my 20 years in practice balance blood sugars and lower their A1c while still enjoying carbs (and cultural foods). Not only that, they experience changes in their sleep, mood, gut health, relationship with food, energy and overall health.

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InElevateI Will...

  • Walk you through my proven framework for balancing blood sugars and lowering A1c without giving up your favorite foods
  • Teach you why carbs sometimes spike your blood sugar levels super high…and why sometimes they don’t
  • Show you how you can use the power of nutrition to improve A1c naturally
  • Give you easy meal and snack ideas and cooking videos to make it practical and sustainable

Ready to...

This self-paced diabetes nutrition course will give you knowledge and the practical tools so you balance your blood sugars while enjoying the foods you love and living your best life!

What's Included

8+ Recorded Modules

So you can learn on your own time and go deeper into topics that may be of concern.

Facebook Group

You get daily access to collaborate, ask questions, and connect with the other participants!

Cooking Videos

Meals in under 30 minutes!

4 Weeks of Meal Plans

With balanced breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks. (Different meal plans are also available for vegetarian and pescatarian diets.)

Cooking Videos

120+ Recipes

For all types of eating. Recipe eBook including a South Asian eBook with 40 recipes.

Quick Meal and Snack Ideas

For easy ideas even when on the go.

Dining Out Guide

For easy ideas even when on the go.


Surviving the Holidays Module

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Elevate Diabetes Nutrition Course

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