Gargi Parikh

Gargi Parikh RDN, CDCES, MPH

Hi There, I’m Gargi.

I am a former binge eater, a foodie and a gut health ally!

I founded Parikh Nutrition so I could show people how to heal using a root cause and hands-on approach (hello, cooking classes) to nutrition

My path to healing has been long. I struggled with weight and gut issues from the time I was 13 years-old. Nutrition gave me the tools lose 40 pounds in my early 20s without dieting. More importantly, it gave me the tools to transform my relationship with food and my body. I’ve gone from hating my body, stressing about eating to having a very healthy relationship with food and my body.

I also spent over 20 years thinking way to much about my digestion. If you suffer with IBS, you know exactly what I’m talking about! Doctors told me I was “fine” and handed me MiraLAX. But I knew living in constant anxiety that some food I ate would trigger a reaction that could spin out into 3 weeks of dibilitating fatigue. I was thrilled to discover and heal myself from various gut issues including Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth, parasites, and histamine intolerance.

I look forward to meal times again. I have never believed in the power of nutrition more than I do today. And I want you support you on your path to healing.

I aim to heal the body using a integrative and functional approach supported by the latest scientific research. An approach recognizes that if one piece is out of whack, the rest goes with it. The effects of gut health, hormones, sleep, and stress on health are undeniable.

Ready to get started?

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